Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Champion of Cyclocross, and Winter Snow.

I'm considering this the first post on this blog, on account the last one was in May-

My name is Thomas Mackay, I am a senior at South River High School and a wrench here at Family Bike Shop.

I wind up riding mostly everything. I have 4 bikes and Ive raced cross, mtb and road. Now for the usual jabber you might expect from a normal post.

Pictures right are a few medals I won the weekend after Thanksgiving. The one on the left is the MABRA championship medal, and the one on the right is the State Championship medal. Both are for U19 cat2/3/4 junior cyclocross.

Despite this I remain optimistic for the upcoming road season. For now though I'm enjoying the holidays.

Some other major developments recently Include me Joining ABRT.

If anyone reading this has interest in reading old posts, visit it has old pictures and entries.

peace 42-16

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gwadzilla said...


it would be cool to keep a strict race journal

lord knows there are plenty of photos from these races

it would be a good way to chart your progress and your correlation between work outs, life style, and results